17 Foods That You Should Avoid If You Are Diabetic

Trans fats

Trans fats – Thelifetoday.com

Trans fats are usually found in processed foods. We assure you right now that all processed foods contain Trans fats. Margarine and peanut butter contain the most amounts of Trans fats. Trans fats are not directly involved in raising the sugar levels but they are responsible for increasing the amounts of cholesterol in your body which is dangerous especially if you are diabetic. Trans fats also increases the risk of getting heart diseases and lowering the HDL cholesterol levels in your body.

HDL cholesterol as we have seen is very important in the body and lowering its level has a negative impact on your health. Fortunately, Trans fats has been banned in the US market but they are still available in many processed foods in small levels. Unfortunately, even these small levels can affect your health, research shows that even 1 milligram of Trans fats affect your health negatively. Avoid Trans fats at all costs.