• Breast Cancer I 14 Treatment For Breast Cancer

    Breast cancer is one of the most striking conditions a woman can have. However, it is also one of the types of cancer with the highest survival rate. It all depends on how early it is diagnosed and how prompt treatment options are started for the patient. The sooner you get diagnosed, the better your […] More

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  • Colon Cancer:15 Warning Signs & Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

    Colon cancer is the most popular type of gastrointestinal cancer. It is more common than stomach cancer and esophageal cancer, and there are genetic but also inflammatory and dietary factors associated with the formation of these tumors. One of the features of colon cancer is how silent it tends to be and how patients are […] More

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  • 14 Warning Signs of Brain Tumors You Should Not Ignore

    Nowadays, it is common to grow scared with simple symptoms by thinking they are caused by a lethal disease, especially if you’re looking over the internet. People tend to over think about illnesses or not think about them at all. Anyone can take visible irregularities as a big deal, making us rush to the doctor […] More

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  • 16 Foods That Cause Gout

    Gout is a painful disease affecting the joints and articulations through the formation of uric acid crystals. These crystals build up inside the articulations and cause painful symptoms, especially in men. That is why it is important to measure our levels of uric acid, and the reason why people usually relate articular pain with high […] More

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  • 17 Foods That Are Good for Your Liver

    Your liver is very important, it receives more than 30 percent of the blood that circulate in your body every minute. It removes harmful toxins and store the important nutrients. Every time you eat, your liver feeds the body. Once the calories, sugar and fats are broken down and they enter into the blood, their […] More

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  • 17 Foods That You Should Avoid If You Are Diabetic

    A person diagnosed with diabetes should always know that controlling the blood sugar levels is extremely important. The more the sugar levels are lower the better your chances of staying healthy. Diabetic persons have high chances of developing high cholesterol and so it is very important for them to watch their cholesterol numbers. It is […] More

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