11 Food Ingredients That Can Cause Inflammation In Your Body To Avoid!


We have often heard of food that can have a healthy effect on the body and can significantly affect the process of inflammation in the body as well. The inflammation induced by the diet can be both beneficial as well as harmful but that would depend on circumstances. Sometimes the inflammatory process occurs to protect the cells of the body when we are injured or are sick with a disease. There are some other situations where the process of inflammation occurs as a result of overindulging in unhealthy dietary habits that leads to persistent inflammation in the body. This kind of continued inflammation in turn may lead to some serious health conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, arthritis and diabetes. Thus inflammation is a process which can be commenced as well as incapacitated by the kind of food we eat.

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Woodman says “Reduce inflammation to treat the root of many issues. If your gut isn’t working right it can cause so many other issues”. The gut health depends on the food that we eat every day. Food rich in calories as well as food low in micronutrients both can lead to long term inflammation in the body. The high caloric diet can cause an increased level of blood glucose and lipid which can in turn cause free radical formation to stimulate sustained low grade inflammation in the body. These increased calories and glucose upsurge poses body to a risk of insulin resistance thus making body prone to diseases such as diabetes, obesity, atherosclerosis, arthritis and even cancer and degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. Recently it has been discovered that the effect of high caloric diet taken by mother during pregnancy can predispose the child to chronic diseases as a result of inflammation in their adult life. This occurs because of alteration of processes by which the muscular tissue and the adipose tissue form during the embryonic life and makes one realize the significance of diet in regards to the inflammation not only at a later stage of life but also tendency for the unborn life to develop chronic inflammatory diseases in their adulthood life.

What is inflammation and how it is triggered?


Inflammation is a response of immune system of the body that stimulates it. The stimulus can be an injury from heat or mechanical abrasion or through a chemical reaction or even a turning force like twisting ones ankle. The stimulus causes increase in capillary blood flow leading to dilation of these small vessels allowing the inflammatory chemokine and cytokines; the signaling molecules for the immune system to respond by causing an infiltration of leucocytes and neutrophils that are defending cells of the body to reach the site of inflammation. This is inborn response of the body to inflammation and can be beneficial in case the stimulus has a harmful effect on the body and to maintain a check on surveillance of immune system. However, inflammation if persist can be a risk to normal health and lead to formation of chronic diseases if inflammation is prolonged. This low grade inflammation can persist undetected until it affects the body organs and their functions to such an extent that pathological processes arise and lead to diseases that can continue for the rest of life.