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Medically speaking, health is not only the absence of disease. It is a state of complete wellbeing in the physical, mental and social fields. This is quite difficult to attain if we turn our view to the reality, and we rarely have no complaints, no pain whatsoever, and no disturbing thoughts and emotions. The truth is that we live in a constant battle between health and disease, and it is up to us if we want to achieve victory.

Our daily decisions play an important part in this constant battle between health and disease, and that’s why modern medicine has focused on prevention strategies to improve the chances of living a healthy life for a longer time. Even so, it is impossible to be without any disease, and given our current awareness about the importance of prevention, people tend to worry too much about their symptoms and usually get the wrong idea when reading inaccurate information on the web.

TheLifeToday has understood this new health trend and, trying to contribute to an adequate understanding of health and disease, is making available information directed to patients who are worried about their health and that of their loved ones. TheLifeToday is a website dedicated to providing the latest research and data available in the medical field to make a correct and precise diagnosis. Yet, it does not encourage patients to disregard medical opinion after a careful physical exam and an individual evaluation by a licensed physician.

The contents written in TheLifeToday are all produced by graduated medical doctors currently working in the field and in constant actualization. Thus, it remains pertinent, accurate and updated to the current medical guidelines to diagnose and treat diseases. We cover a wide array of topics in the medical field with a special emphasis in signs and symptoms to detect and suspect the onset of several diseases, and warning signs to keep us alert and prevent the aggravation of our health condition.

It is important to note that TheLifeToday encourages patients to ask their doctor if they have a doubt or suspicion regarding their state of health. When reading these pieces of information, you will note that we constantly recommend patients to go to the doctor. This is because, even if the information in TheLifeToday is relevant and accurate, there are many ways you can misdiagnose diseases and mistake one symptom with another. The medical field is one of constant study, and you need to adapt the information in your personal case if you want to have an accurate diagnosis. That will be only achieved after performing a physical exam, taking into consideration your current health condition, your familiar background, past diseases, and diagnostic tests. Thus, medical attention is always required if you want a professional opinion about your symptoms.

TheLifeToday is a webpage focused on prevention rather than treatment. Even if we name treatments in some of our articles, that does not mean we encourage self-medicating. This information is only meant to serve as preparation before your doctor recommends something similar. Instead of reaching a therapeutic approach, TheLifeToday is a preventative webpage meant to prepare patients to understand disease and learn how to fight it.

You will not only find a list of signs and symptoms for each disease. Instead, each sign and symptom will be carefully elaborated so you can understand where does it come from, why it appears, and what it may signal. We also give you a little insight about the other diagnoses your doctor would need to consider after encountering the same sign or symptom. Even if the physiologic basis of disease is difficult to explain in simple terms, we try our best to maintain an accessible language that anyone can understand with or without medical training.

Another important part of our work in TheLifeToday is illustration, and our graphic design team is not only involved in making our site look good. They are also deeply worried about providing the most accurate images to turn data into knowledge. We know how important it is to have an image to pair up with our reading and understand what is happening inside our bodies. That’s why they will be working along with our medical team to choose the most representative images to aid the learning process.

In TheLifeToday we feel deeply involved with your health and that of your loved ones. We understand how delicate it is to provide high-quality and pertinent medical knowledge and how one or two inaccuracies can lead to disaster. This happens in an emergency room and may also happen in patients who are misled with incorrect information from untrustworthy sources. Since health is so important for you and your family, we are delighted to go along with you in this journey throughout your body to understand the source of disease and be able to point out when it is the time to do something about it.

There’s a very thin line between health and disease, and even if we can attain a relative state of health, we will always have concerns and a few symptoms we usually take for granted. If you’re ever worried about something that does not feel fine, it is most probably because the balance is favouring a disease state you should take into consideration. That’s when TheLifeToday comes into play, bringing you accurate information to guide your steps and let you know when it is most appropriate to look for professional help.