Do You Feel Stomach Bloated? Learn About 16 Foods That Causes Bloating Stomach!


Food is what keeps the sustenance of life going. However, not everyone can enjoy food to their fill. Sometimes we suffer conditions that are not a health hazard but appear as a result of what we eat in our food. Such is a harmless condition known as bloating. Ever felt the queasy feeling of fullness in stomach and distention with gases rolling down the stomach and causing discomfort in gut? Well, one in every 10 individuals in U.S complains of feeling bloated after eating certain kind of foods. The condition can even occur if one has not eaten to their fullest. Though in rare situations bloating is associated with some underlying disease with which other symptoms are equally associated. Bloating and gas formation are normally associated with the food intake which can be considerably controlled by changing the habit and lifestyle of eating.

Bloating can occur as a result of several reasons of which overeating is the most common cause of bloating. Eating food too quickly and in bulk can be a common cause of bloating which often result in moderate level of discomfort in abdomen as well as stomach ache. Food rich in fats is also another common cause of bloating as fats are not easy to digest. Other reasons include excessive passing of wind, swallowing air, constipation, inability to tolerate certain foods are all associated with bloating. There are certain diseases such as celiac disease or irritable bowel syndrome that can be commonly found to be associated with bloating. Bloating is not like fat gain and is only temporary and is due to gain of water weight in belly. The water retention can occur as a result of high sodium concentration in certain foods. Thus as soon as the food source causing bloating is stopped eaten, the bloating discontinues taking along all irritation and discomfort with it.

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Food that causes bloating stomach

Bloating is a feeling of swollen or enlarged stomach after eating certain kind of foods. It is usually associated with other conditions such as gas in stomach that is a feeling of flatulence and some other digestive issues. Bloating associated with food is so common that up to 30% people experience the bouts regularly whereas somewhat every individual has experienced from the situation irrespective of age disparity. Here in this article we will be discussing some foods that cause bloating stomach:

1.Lentils and legumes in particular beans

Lentils and legumes in particular beans

Beans are a rich source of proteins, carbs, fibers, vitamins and minerals. They are healthy food belonging to family of legumes but are often associated with bloating. Bloating is caused by the beans as a result of gut bacteria fermenting it and releasing gas as a byproduct. Such products belong to a family of carbs called FODMAPs (fermentable oligo, di, mono saccharides and polyols) and are a rich source of alpha galactosidase sugars. These legumes are associated with bloating in normal individuals and can be controlled by allowing the beans to be soaked in water for a longer time before cooking and also by changing water of the beans while they are soaked. Though the bloating can be reduced in normal individuals but in patients of irritable bowel syndrome, the fermentation of beans by gut bacteria produces two kinds of gases that makes the bloating not only painful but also causes flatulence, diarrhea and cramps. A good alternative for these is quinoa or meat.

Lentils like beans are also a type of legumes which are not only rich source of proteins, carbs and fibers but also contain minerals such as iron, manganese and copper. They also contain sugars and belong to family of carbs called FODMAPs. They lead to excessive production of gases which cause bloating and should be switched with lighter colored lentils which are usually less associated with bloating