8 Foods That Cause Heartburn I What are The Different Foods That Cause Heartburn?


Heartburn or pyrosis is a burning situation of the oesophagus or food pipe behind the chest bone due to eating fatty foods or too many foods. Heartburn is symptomatic and temporary pain or burning. But it will become worst when it lasts for a long time. Chronic heartburn causes an ulcer of the food pipe due to the presence of acids. It may occur during lying or bending. Several people face this nasty disease. Some people bear it and, others want to seek a doctor’s help. When we experience heartburn, some symptoms occur with us. These are burning conditions in the chest when we are lying or after eating. If we move or bend down, we feel pain in the stomach or chest. The taste of the mouth becomes bitter and acidic. We face acidic reflux occasional and become the victim of heartburn. It may last for one week or up to a month. It remains even after the treatment. The eating process or swallowing becomes difficult. It also causes severe chest pressure. Vomiting and nausea are the conditions of it. Heartburn causes the loss of weight due to the release of food supplements and indigestion. So, the electrolyte quantity and balance disturb during nausea or vomiting in heartburn. People also call it gastrointestinal reflux. Heartburn is a worldwide disease. Heartburn is more common in China, western countries, Asia and different parts of the world. Gastrointestinal acids and pancreatic juices help in food digestion. Food becomes a mixture after mixing with acids and juices. Then it will become a chyme. The nutrients of food are ready to absorb in the area of the small intestine. Due to the higher use of alcohol and caffeine., heartburn will occur. Eating acidic foods also leads to acidic reflux. The chyme that is a partially digested food passes from the intestines to the stomach. Then it passes through the food pipe. Finally, it reaches the oesophagus and up to our mouth. In this case, a burning sensation occurs behind the chest.

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What are The Different Foods That Cause Heartburn?

What are The Different Foods That Cause Heartburn – Thelifetoday.com

We consume foods for gaining energy and remains alert. Foods provide us with the necessary elements that we need in our daily life. It also gives us essential and non-essential nutrients. Several foods are available that prevent the occurrence of diseases. Some are the factors that cause different diseases for our bodies. But some foods are the sources of heartburn. The foods that are hazardous to our health carry no benefits at all. These food items are not similar for all people. These are only for those people who are sensitive to specific foods. But some foods have unequal effects on human health. The consumption of food depends on human health. If our digestive system is weak, we cannot digest heavy foods or meals easily. Heavy metals have a higher fats content and, the heartburn patient is unable to digest them completely. So, when you consume a heavy meal, you have to consult your doctor before consumption.

Heavy foods or beverages cause acid reflux or heartburn. These foods have a higher quantity of acids. The Produced acid is unable to cross the oesophagal tube due to the presence of an oesophagal sphincter. The oesophagal sphincter is a muscular valve that does not open in normal conditions and does not allow the food to escape through the stomach. But in heartburn, allows the entrance of acidic chyme in our mouth or oesophagus. It is weak in heartburn patients and allows the escaping of juice in our oesophagus. It will cause heartburn behind the chest bone in return. Foods are not always the source of heartburn. But our eating habits and selection of foods are the factors that are responsible for heartburn. Heartburn is not a single disease. It also invites other digestive disorders. The foods that cause heartburn are the following foods that help in heartburn.