16 Foods to Avoid for Kidney Health


The two bean-shaped organs at the lower back of your abdomen are the ones known as “Kidneys”. Kidneys work as blood filtration, keep a balance between minerals, eliminating waste from blood and water, excreting waste materials from the body through the urinary tract, producing hormones, and vice versa. These beans are very important organs of the human body, without both kidneys, human beings cannot survive much longer. Kidneys are very sensitive parts of the body. Kidneys are prone to many diseases caused by food items, hereditary diseases, blood pressure, diabetes, cardiac illness, HIV, hepatitis, and so on. If the food is not damaging the kidney’s health directly, it will damage it undirectly. Say for supposing overeating and excessive eating has to lead a person to diabetes, now the diabetic patient is 60% more prone to kidney diseases than the one with no diabetes. Every 3 diabetic persons out of 6 also suffer from kidney diseases. Similarly a blood pressure or cardiac patient also suffers from kidney diseases because the kidney decreases its function of filtering blood. Heavy Salt saturated food items, as well as beverages, are also dangerous for the health of your kidney. This is why the monitor in the intake of diet and supplements is very important for the health of your kidneys. Always read the ingredients on the food products you are buying. Along with the food items, there are medicines too that decrease the abilities of kidneys. Such as sleeping pills, pain killers, etc. Kidneys also regulate the sleeping cycle and waking to upcycle of the human body. That is why having a good and healthy sleep can make the kidneys work efficiently. Having not enough sleep would make the kidneys restless and affects their functions.

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Food items to avoid for kidney health

Food items to avoid for kidney health – Thelifetoday.com

Every food item that is natural or homemade is good for human health. But if you eat the same food items every day for one week or twice you will start to notice changes in your health. Your health will start to fall, your body will refuse to accept the intake. Stomach flu, kidney diseases, and heart rate will rise. Eat all kinds of healthy, fresh, herbal, homemade, and farm-fresh foods.  There are listed some food items that must be avoided for the health of your kidneys.

  • Processed food
  • Salt or sodium food items
  • Beets
  • Tomatoes and tomato seeds
  • Fast food
  • Sugary foods
  • Alcohol
  • Lentils and beans
  • Junk food
  • Frozen food, ready to cook food
  • Artificially flavored juices
  • Potatoes