Kidney Stones: Symptoms, Treatment, Foods that Cause Kidney Stones, What To Eat if You Have A Kidney Stones?


Human body organs are very precious. These organs do not have any alternative in the whole wide world. It is very important to take good care of yourself both inside as well as outside. The health of our internal organs depends upon what we eat, what we drink, how we live, what environment we have, what is our health condition and so on. The kidney is one of the most important body parts. There are two kidneys in the human body, if one kidney stops working, human beings can stay alive on another single kidney throughout their life. The kidney filters the water, excrete toxic materials, regulates the PH volume, removes the waste materials from the body, produces hormones, and suppresses a balance in the body chemicals or fluids. Simply, it is your body dispenser. It never stops working unless it performs dysfunctional activities due to certain reasons. Contribute to helping your kidney by eating a healthy diet and with a healthy lifestyle. The kidney can be prone to many diseases due to carelessness such as kidney stones, chronic kidney diseases, acute kidney diseases, problems in urination or urinary infection, cystic infection, and many more. Kidney stone is a very common disease in human beings. Researches show that every one out of 10 people suffers from kidney stones once in a while in his life.  Men are more prone to kidney stones as compared to women. Tobacco consumption also plays a big part in kidney stones. To prevent kidney stones we should follow measured health precautions and avoid food and things that cause kidney stones.

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Foods that contribute to kidney stone

Food is the biggest contributor to our health along with the beverages, environment as well as lifestyle. We must be aware of the things we eat and drink. An excessive amount of eating can destroy our health, as well as no eating, does. Take precautionary measures in your daily intake. People love to eat and drink different kinds of food, mostly junk. Some food items cause kidney stones. These items are

  • Spinach and green veggies.
  • an excessive amount of tea
  • dry fruits like almonds, nuts, etc.
  • chocolate
  • Beets
  • seeds
  • tomato or tomato seeds
  • food with an excessive amount of salt

Certain food items flare up the chances of kidney stones or increase the stones in the kidneys. Such as pork, fish, eggs, beef, cheese, etc. Limit your protein intake. If anyone is suffering from kidney stones, he must avoid these food items.


Spinach –

Although spinach is a healthy food item with minerals as well as vitamins filled in it. But also it has a rich amount of potassium and oxalate which is not good for kidney health. Excessive intakes of spinach can prone your kidney to kidney stones. However, spinach cannot harm you if its intake is normal. It increases the amount of oxalic acid in the body and also can affect the body to absorb vitamins as well as minerals. It is also an iron-rich food item and large or regular intake may interfere with body iron. All of the irregularities affect the health of the kidneys.