Top 9 Foods High in Potassium | Potassium Rich Foods

Overview of Potassium

The world of the food industry is full of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Many foods have a varying concentration of minerals. There are two types of minerals. These are minor minerals or major minerals. Both are present in different fruits and vegetables in varying quantities. Potassium is a bio-element out of sixteen bio-elements. Food has many minerals that we eat daily. However, the concentration may vary from one food item to another food item. Like sodium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and iron, potassium is also a mineral found in many eatable fruits and vegetables. It is present in many foods that have the origin of fruits and vegetables. It is also part of several food products instead of fruits and vegetables.

It is an energy component in our body cells and regulates our central nervous system. It also helps in the functioning of the peripheral nervous system. Our nervous system works regularly due to potassium. The muscular system also requires potassium for its functioning. It helps in balancing our bodies. Potassium is an element that stimulates the release of the hormone in our body. It links the nerve fibres with each other and maintains the nerve signals. It controls the movement of electrolytes in our body by helping in nervous signal transmission. So, the fluidity of electrolytes is helpful for the metabolism of a body. People consume foods that carry potassium as an essential ingredient.

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A high level of potassium can cause disorders. If we take a low level of potassium, it also causes health hazards. So, the right amount of potassium is the requirement of our body. Foods that are rich in potassium prevents many diseases. If a minute difference occurs in potassium, several disorders affect our body. But taking a balanced amount of potassium maintains the body systems. These foods are apricots, bananas, beets, potatoes, dates, beans, fish, seafood, fried food, lentils, spinach, almond, orange, tomato and yoghurt. There are hidden sources of potassium that replenish the amount of potassium when needed.

What Foods have a High Potassium Content?

The foods rich in potassium and has a higher quantity of it are the following;

Beans and Beets

Beans and Beets –

Beans and beets are rich sources of potassium. One cup of beans contains 845 mg of potassium. White beans are the main sources of potassium. Potassium also binds calcium and iron n beans that are the essential elements of our body. Beans having a higher quantity of potassium are the sources for improving heart function, maintaining blood pressure, improving the digestive system and decreasing the inflammation from several body parts. A study shows that daily intake of potassium reduces the risks of heart attack and diabetes. Beets are also potassium carriers. One cup of beets paste contains 525 mg of potassium. Beets are also rich sources of manganese and nitrates. The pigment colours of beets act as anti-oxidants that prevent inflammation. Beets give benefits to our blood circulatory system. Potassium is a source of preventing heart strokes and hypertension. So, it helps in improving the blood vessels functions. Beans also include lentils that are rich in potassium. Lentils provide potassium with a higher amount of protein.