14 Foods to Avoid With Diabetes – Worst Foods For Diabetics

Diabetes mellitus was unknown in ancient times. Instead, people died from many types of infectious diseases. In more recent years, as infectious diseases started to drop, more people started to suffer from chronic disease. Nowadays, type 2 diabetes is a significant source of morbidity, and it is often featured in a very high number of death certificates as a secondary diagnosis. That is because type 2 diabetes has many different complications ranging from cardiovascular to immune and metabolic disease.

But the reason why diabetes was not common in the early history of humankind is that we have never eaten the way we do in modern times. The occidental diet is full of unhealthy choices; it is everywhere and tastes amazing. No wonder why our children are now getting more type 2 diabetes than ever.

That’s why in this article we will walk you through the major foods and food groups that cause type 2 diabetes and food-related habits that will also increase your risk of suffering this terrible disease.

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Food choices that increase your risk

Diabetes is an imbalance of sugar in the blood, but as you will see in the following list, the potential triggers of type 2 diabetes are varied. They include high-sugar foods and many others, as you can see next:



There’s no surprise around the fact that sweets are a potential trigger of diabetes. But why is that? Sweets are made from refined sugars, which are carbohydrates. They are available in nature, and they are that for our metabolism, but not as simple sugars. Industries break down complex carbohydrates and create a concentrate of refined sugar that is very tasty but not equally healthy.

Inside our organism, refined sugars are swiftly absorbed by the organism. Instead of being a good thing, this faster absorption rate is not normal, and disrupts our entire metabolism. They cause an instantaneous increase in sugar that is met with an insulin peak that wears down and damages the pancreatic tissue in the long run.