Symptoms Of Pancreatitis: 11 Warning Signs Of Pancreatitis


Jaundice –

Some patients with pancreatitis exhibit jaundice as well. Even though it’s not the majority of patients, they are around 30%, especially those who display gallbladder problems. In most cases, it is a gallbladder stone that gets stuck in the bile duct just before its opening to the intestines, and these patients display symptoms from a gallbladder obstruction and pancreatitis as well. When this happens, both the bile and the pancreatic juice flow backwards to the gallbladder and the liver, or the pancreas respectively. The bile returns to the blood increases our circulating levels of bilirubin and causes a yellowish coloration to the skin while the pancreatic juice stays for a long time in the pancreas, their enzymes are activated and starts digesting the organ and triggering pancreatitis.

Patients with jaundice and pancreatitis signs should be attended immediately in the emergency room. They often have a very rapid course of severe pancreatitis, and their abdominal pain becomes unbearable with vomiting and fast dehydration. Thus, it is important to look for medical assistance right away to prevent the fatal outcomes of this disease.