11 Warning Signs Of Gallbladder Cancer You Should Not Ignore!

The human gallbladder is a small structure resembling a bag and lying beneath your liver within the torso. This organ contains and is capable of transporting bile to your intestines. The bile is a waste substance of your metabolism, but it is also useful and it helps digesting fatty acids from the food you eat. Even though humans can survive without a gallbladder, not having this organ would give you fat absorption problems.

Most gallbladder patients can cope with discomfort and may be able to live a relatively and normal life. However, some other individuals may be experiencing severe issues without even noticing. One of those problems is Gallbladder Cancer. This disease is rare or little frequent to show up and diagnose, and it is usually confirmed at later stages. Many of the symptoms of this type of cancer are frequently confused with some other gallbladder ailments. That is why we hope this list helps you to checkmark this disease on time.


Jaundice – Thelifetoday.com

This symptom is commonly related to a liver issue, and it is common in gallbladder problems. Severe jaundice may give patient the typical yellowish color to the skin and whites of the eyes with severe itching, but it may also include darkened urine and pale coloured stools.

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Jaundice is caused by increased bile salts in the blood. Bile build up occurs after the cancer blocks the common bile duct. Finally, these bile salts storage in the blood and reaches the tissues while flowing through the bloodstream. The bad news is that this symptom is a sign of a later stage of cancer, when it is large enough to cause an alteration to the common bile duct.