10 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms & Signs Not To Ignore

Clotting problems

Venous thrombosis – Thelifetoday.com

Patients with pancreatic cancer have a very high incidence of venous thrombosis and thrombophlebitis. Sometimes, the first problem these patients have is a clotting complication, and through a series of exams and a physical evaluation, doctors detect a tumor growing in the pancreas. In some cases, pancreas patients develop a condition called marantic endocarditis, also known as nonbacterial thrombotic endocarditis.

Pancreatic cancer is a silent type of cancer, and it is difficult to detect for patients and skilled physicians. In most cases, this cancer is not detected by symptoms but rather by a routine check-up or by chance when performing imaging tests to evaluate other health problems. Thus, even if you don’t have these symptoms, perform a routine check-up, which will not only rule out the possibility of pancreatic cancer and other types of silent cancer but also reduce your risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease.