10 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms & Signs Not To Ignore

Loss of appetite

Loss of appetite – Thelifetoday.com

It counts as one of the initial symptoms patients report in pancreatic cancer, but sometimes it is present only in advanced stages. The tumor synthesizes several inflammatory cytokines made to change the way blood vessels behave around the affected tissue. It is meant to increase blood circulation and blood flow to feed the tumor and promote its growth, but they would also travel through the bloodstream and reach other organs, including the brain. In reaching the brain, these inflammatory molecules cause an alteration to the centers of appetite and causes anorexia, the clinical name of loss of appetite.

An additional cause to take into consideration is that, in advanced stages of cancer, the tumor grows disproportionately and pushes aside other organs, including the stomach. This creates an extra source of pressure that is perceived by the stomach as fullness and satiety. This effect is more common in pancreatic cancer located around the tail of the pancreas, which is closer to the stomach.