14 Warning Signs of Brain Tumors You Should Not Ignore


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There are a big range of seizures, and the ones people usually know consist of jerking movements with loss of consciousness. However, there are small seizures in which individuals stay with a fixed stare and still for a long time. If you suddenly start to experience seizures, you need to go to the doctor to see what’s going on.

Note that some of these symptoms might be commonly found in other diseases, and none of them is by itself a definite indicative that you have a brain tumor. Also, take in consideration that there are many types of tumors, and not all of them are malignant. Thus, remain calmed, talk to your doctor, and get all of the screening tests he considers appropriate to your case. Do not delay your diagnosis if you find something disturbing in the way your body works, the way you move, or the way you perceive things. Whether or not your have a brain tumor, these symptoms should be taken seriously.