14 Warning Signs of Brain Tumors You Should Not Ignore

Nowadays, it is common to grow scared with simple symptoms by thinking they are caused by a lethal disease, especially if you’re looking over the internet. People tend to over think about illnesses or not think about them at all. Anyone can take visible irregularities as a big deal, making us rush to the doctor and ask for answers to those small changes in the body.

But sometimes, seemingly small changes are really a big deal. People with cancer can relate to the feeling of not knowing what was going on in their bodies. If it is so difficult to decipher how the brain works, imagine trying to notice a brain tumor without seeing it. Of course, it is not impossible to detect signs and symptoms of a brain tumor, and here we will explain some common signs you can have. We strongly recommend you to have a medical checkout if you find anything disturbing about yourself in this list. However, don’t freak out just yet. There might be another explanation for your symptoms, and only your doctor will be able to tell you

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This article will help you understand and to know more about how the body reacts in case of a brain tumor. If you present some of the following signs it is important to not get alarmed, please check out with your regular physician in case of any doubt.

Fatigue and drowsiness

Fatigue and drowsiness – Thelifetoday.com

In normal cases, fatigue can be relieved with proper resting at night, but in case of a brain tumor, this won’t suffice. The tumor will make the body feel weak and tired, even when you should be full of energy from good sleeping time. Small tasks can make you feel worn out; it can be just after waking up and getting ready for the day. This constant tiredness can affect your working environment and social life, just as your emotions. The intensity of the fatigue can become even worse from time to time.