Bone Cancer Symptoms: Understanding Bone Cancer Symptoms: 10 Signs to Watch Out For!

4. Palpable mass


Not always will you find a palpable mass in bone cancer. The tumor should be located in a bone very close to the skin, surrounded by little fatty tissue to become palpable, such as the shinbone.

A palpable mass, when present, is a suggestive sign of bone cancer, especially when it is tender and warm to the touch. This is because bone cancer happens when the cells of the bone tissue grow and divide uncontrollably. As the cancer cells multiply, they form a mass or tumor which is palpable in specific areas of the body or when patients are very lean.

However, even in patients with this type of mass, diagnosis of bone cancer relies heavily on the presence of imaging tests. Thus, even if you have something that shouldn’t be there, it is essential to talk to your doctor about it.