Bone Cancer Symptoms: Understanding Bone Cancer Symptoms: 10 Signs to Watch Out For!

3. Swelling and liquid retention


Swelling and liquid retention are often symptoms of bone cancer, particularly in the lower extremities. This can occur when the cancer cells spread to the bones of the lower body, such as the pelvis, legs, and feet. The cancer cells interfere with the normal functioning of the bones and the nearby blood vessels, which leads to excess fluid accumulating in the area, resulting in swelling.

In some cases, the cancer cells can also invade the lining of the blood vessels and lymph nodes, further contributing to the swelling. The swelling can be accompanied by pain and tenderness in more severe cases.

Medications such as diuretics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, and corticosteroids can reduce swelling and improve the patient’s quality of life. Physical therapy can also help reduce swelling and improve the patient’s mobility.