Bone Cancer Symptoms: Understanding Bone Cancer Symptoms: 10 Signs to Watch Out For!

10. Fatigue and weight loss


Depending on the stage of bone cancer, it can also cause symptoms common to all types of cancer, such as fatigue and weight loss. This can happen as a part of the body’s response to the tumor or metastases.

As the tumor grows or metastasizes, it can cause damage to the surrounding tissues, affecting the body’s ability to process nutrients and leading to weight loss and fatigue. Additionally, the tumor can cause inflammation and pain in the affected area, leading to fatigue, muscle weakness, and a sensation of feeling unwell.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can also contribute to weight loss and fatigue, as they affect the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from the food we eat. Other factors, such as an increased metabolic rate due to hormones secreted by the tumor, can also lead to weight loss and fatigue. Finally, psychological factors, such as depression and anxiety, can also contribute to these symptoms.