Breast Cancer I 14 Treatment For Breast Cancer

Follow up, and rehabilitation

Most breast cancer relapses occur after 3 years of the initial treatment, but how often a patient should be back for a follow up after surviving cancer depends on each case. Recommendations for follow-up include mammography 6 months after therapy and every 6-12 months, depending on the type of cancer and the health status of the patient. Pelvic examination is also part of the follow-up, especially in patients under tamoxifen Read also: 9 Early Warning Signs Of Breast Cancer.

After surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and pharmacologic reduction of cancer, most patients require some degree of rehabilitation to improve their quality of life. Shoulder mobility is often impaired and typically improves with physical therapy and exercise. Depression and anxiety, as well as sleep disturbance, are likely to be improved with mindful meditation, yoga, and other relaxation techniques. There are also psychosocial interventions after treatment, and they have very positive effects in reducing mood swings, depression, and related problems.