What Causes Tooth Decay? – 10 Surprising Causes

Waking up with a toothache is probably one of the worst sensations you can have. It is impossible to get back to sleep after this type of pulsating pain strikes, and it can be extremely distressing for children and adults. One of the most common causes of toothache is an oral health problem we all think we know very well. Tooth decay is to blame, but what’s the cause?

You would probably reply tooth decay is caused by eating too much sugar, which is true. But there are many other hidden causes of tooth decay are need to know if you really want to keep your dental health for longer. Do you want to know 9 surprising causes of tooth decay?

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Surprising causes of tooth decay

Besides sugar cravings and not having good hygiene, there are plenty of reasons why one would develop tooth cavities and severe problems in the long run. This is a list of the most important causes of tooth decay people usually do not mention:

Dry mouth syndrome

Dry mouth syndrome

This is the top reason why people get unexpected tooth problems. Dry mouth syndrome is a chronic problem where people do not create enough saliva, or their saliva becomes too thin and insufficient. Saliva does not only lubricate your mouth; it also helps your organism fight pathogen bacteria that normally live and pass through your mouth. When it is absent, patients have a higher risk of all kinds of tooth problems, including tooth decay, tooth cavities, and even gum disease. Even if you suffer from allergies or started taking certain medications that dry your mouth, be careful and talk to your doctor about this new condition because it may carry around other unexpected consequences, and it won’t be solved by just sipping on water.