Heart Disease Symptoms: 14 Early Warning Signs and Symptoms Of Heart Disease

According to a sobering report from the World Health Organization, Heart Disease is the world’s leading cause of death and has been so for many decades. In fact, heart disease kills more people every year than respiratory disease, diabetes, road accidents, and various forms of cancer combined.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that heart disease indiscriminately claims lives across all cultural and socioeconomic groups. Therefore, learning to recognize the symptoms that may signal the presence of heart disease is of paramount importance.

This is especially so for the individuals who are most likely to suffer from heart disease; meaning anyone with a family history of heart problems, those who are overweight, smokers, heavy drinkers, and those who suffer from certain diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Here are the most telling signs and symptoms of underlying heart disease.

1. Chest Pain

Chest Pain

Chest pain is perhaps the most recognizable symptom of heart disease around the world. However, chest pain is not always a symptom of angina or heart attack, and may be related to other diseases such as respiratory disorders, an excess of gastrointestinal gas, panic attack or even muscle fatigue.

Therefore, when experiencing chest pain it is important to note when the pain starts and the circumstances surrounding the event. It is also extremely important to note whether the pain can be described as a sharp or dull sensation, whether there is any squeezing or feelings of pressure, and whether the pain is accompanied by other symptoms.

Patients with heart disease experience pain that is typically accompanied by heartbeat alterations, palpitations, generalized swelling, fatigue and shortness of breath.