Lung Cancer Symptoms I 10 Warning Signs Of Lung Cancer You Should Not Ignore

Headache and vision changes

Headache and vision changes –

These symptoms are not related to lung cancer itself but instead to metastasis of lung cancer. In a late stage of the disease, one of the most common sites of metastasis is the brain. There are various manifestations of brain metastasis, and they will depend on the location of the cancer cells. The most common manifestations are vision changes and headache, but it may also cause seizures, personality changes, cognitive changes, and others.

Lung cancer is the most common type of cancer in various countries, and besides staying attentive to its symptoms, there is something else you can do to prevent this ailment: stop smoking. There are a “stop smoking” initiative and a national “No Smoking Day” in the UK which is yearly celebrated on the second Wednesday of March. Avoiding passive smoking (constantly staying around people who smoke) will also reduce your risk of lung cancer dramatically.