Liver Cirrhosis Symptoms I 12 Warning Signs Of Liver Cirrhosis

Confusion and other neurological symptoms

Confusion –

In liver cirrhosis and late-stage hepatic failure, there’s a syndrome called hepatic encephalopathy. It is the most serious complication of cirrhosis, and it affects the normal function of the brain, sometimes leading to brain edema and progressive worsening of the symptoms to a life-threatening degree.

The fluid alterations in the brain progress quickly, and patients may start with a mild cognitive decline that slowly turns into confusion, disorientation, seizures, and other alterations of the consciousness.

In some cases, patients have neurological symptoms for many years, and they remain clinically undetectable, but in most cases, neurological symptoms signal the start of the end-stage liver disease.

As you can see, liver cirrhosis is a severe problem that requires urgent medical attention. It is a chronic disease and in most cases a degenerative problem that progresses as time goes by. These patients should be examined and followed up carefully by a skilled physician to prevent complications, and depending on the stage of the disease there will be a set of signs and symptoms. Thus, this list is only meant to be informative, and if you suspect liver disease, there are various tests your doctor needs to perform to evaluate your liver function.

In most cases, liver cirrhosis is a preventable disease, and controlling alcohol intake is an effective way to stop the progression of the disease, along with following indications in your diet and daily medications by your healthcare professional.