11 Warning Signs Of Gallbladder Cancer You Should Not Ignore!

A palpable lump

A palpable lump – Thelifetoday.com

Up to 47% of cases for Gallbladder cancer are detected “by chance” when patients undergo routine cholecystotomy, for example. This shows how incidental is the pathological finding of it. Being asymptomatic as it is, the most classic physical outcome related to it is a palpable mass or lump. However, it is a sign of advanced disease. Although tumour markers do not help determine its presence, in some studies, they might have prognostic relevance.

Let us take as an example the Courvoisier sign. It is about the enlargement of the gallbladder due to bile buildup. This makes the gallbladder so big that it is easily seen or felt through the skin. It usually does not cause any pain, though. With this, we are not saying this is a sign for cancer. Courvoisier sign is a common symptom of many gallbladder conditions.